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Water Filter Ceramic Awaa-Pure

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Now that you have bought an SB 975 water filter, you have taken the
first step to wards protecting you and your family from the dangers of
water-borne diseases.
The SB 975 water filter uses a ceramic element to trap the dangerous
bacteria which can cause diseases such as Bilharzia, Typhoid, Cholera and
Follow the simple instructions qiven in this leaflet and your filter will
supply you with good, clean water for many years.


  1. Remove the filter and element (3) from their protective packaging and
    check each item against the drawing
  2. Extreme cleanliness is important. Sterilise all parts except the element
    (3) before assembly
  3. if a standard element is to be fitted boil it in water for 20 minutes before
    assembly. Boiling is not necessary with ‘Sterasyl’ elements, as they are
  4. Turn off the main water supply.
  5. Two 5mm fixing slots in the filter body (6) enable the filter to be wall
    mounted. The fixing slot centres are 112 mm.
  6. Fix the filter body (6) to the wall in a convenient position above the sink.
  7. Determine which side of the filter body (6) the tap (5) is to be connected
    and screw the plug (9A), having wound PTFE tape or similar on to it. into
    the opposite side.
  8. If the tap (5) and nipple (4) are supplied, remove the screw securing the
    tap handle. Remove the handle. Wind PTFE tape, or similar, ontc one
    end of the nipple (4) and screw it into the tap. Wind PTFE tape, or simi-
    lar, onto the other end of the nipple and screw it into the filter body (6)
    ensuring that the tap points in the desired direction. Re-fit the tap

It is important that when installing the filter there is some form of
isolating valve in the water supply line. This will enable element
cleaning to take place.

  1. Place the washer (10) over the element mount.
  2. Place the element mount through the hole in the Centre of the lid (11)
    and screw the outlet spout (1) onto the element.
  3. Place the element (3) into the filter body (6) and engage the slots in the
    lid (11) on the studs (9).
  4. Secure the lid in position with the wing nuts (12).
  5. Connect the water supply to the tap (5) (if supplied), by means of a ½”
    BSP fitting
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