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    • Large LCD display and background illumination
    • Single/continuous measurement
    • Maximum/minimum measurement
    • Time-delay measurement
    • Able to select measurement reference
    • Able to calculate area and volume
    • Able to calculate the room size
    • Add and subtract function
    • Able to sum the accumulated length values
    • Pythagorean function
    • with laser indication function
    • Able to store 10 measured data
    • Metric and British unit switch directly
    • Low voltage indication


      Closest measurement : 0.05mFarthest measurement : 30mDistance unit : m/ft/inchWorking temperature : 0℃~ +40℃Measuring accuracy : ±2mmPower supply : 2*AAA batteriesSize : 130*54*27mmWeight : 0.18kg
    • No load speed: 1400spm
    • Blade length: 20 inch (51cm)
    • Battery Pack: 18 Volt Li-ion battery, 1500mAh
    • Charge time: 3-5 hours
    • Cutting capacity: 9/16 inch (1.4cm)
    • Tooth spacing: 11/20 inch (2.3cm)
    • No load run time: 35 Minutes
    • Timing may vary based upon weather and usage.
    • Mains connection: 230-240 V~ / 50 Hz
    • Power input: 710 W
    • Cutting length: 525 mm
    • Cutter rail length: 550 mm
    • Tooth spacing: 24 mm
    • Cuts/min: 1500
    • LwA sound power level: 101,18 dB(A), K=3 dB
    • LA sound pressure level: 85 dB(A), K=3 dB
    • Vibration a.: 6,703 m/s?. K=1.5 m/S?
  • Multi-Functional Usage Adjustable Blade

    Ergonomic Grip Design


  • Product details

    • 2 in 1 Heat Sealer and Cutter: High quality ABS material, resistance to high and low temperature. Quickly seals and cuts.Mini and portable bag cutter and sealer, a necessary for whom like Snacks with the food bag.
    • Easy to Use: After the battery is installed, press it for about 3-5 seconds to start heating. Put the bag to be sealed in the middle and slowly pull it at a constant speed. For better results, the seal can be repeated multiple times.
    • Compact and Portable: Unlike bulky bag vacuum sealer machine, this mini bag sealer length only 14 cm. It has a hook so you can hang it up with other utensils. Perfect portable bag sealer for kitchen, hunting, fishing, camping, travel and more. Ideal for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas gifts for your mother, friends and families.
    • Heat Bag Sealer: Never worry about your containers leaking or opening and creating a mess in your purse when you head off to work; now you can keep your sandwich, fruit snack, salad, or any other food safe and sound! Always keep your chips, snack and food fresh and crispy! Keep rodents and bugs out of the food!
    • Please Note: The bag sealer needs 2 X AA batteries ( not included). When the battery power is insufficient, the sealing effect will be affected. Please replace the battery. Please remove the battery if it is not used for a long time.
    • The sealing function comes with a broken package function,
      Tearing open no longer need to find scissors!
      Perfect replacement for open-cut scissors or other dangerous tools.


    • Sealing:

      1. 2 X AA batteries need to be installed. ( not included)
      2. Hold the plastic bag with one hand (2-3cm reserved) and clamp the plastic bag with the sealer.
      3. After 3 seconds of warm-up, move the sealer and seal the bag.
      4. For better results, the seal can be repeated multiple times.


    • Cutting:

      Hold the plastic bag with one hand and cut the plastic bag with the cutter.


    • Easy to Carry:

      1.This hand held bag sealer is 4×3.5×14.4cm, about 55g
      2. You can hang it on hook by rope.
      3.Portable and mini design sealer perfect for Picnic, travel.

    • BRAND : HI-TEX
    • SIZE : 30 MM
    • QTY : 240 PCS / CTN
  • Description

    • For safety reasons, this product should use by adults, and put it in a place where children can not contact.
    • When installing the turbine, place it on the barrel wall or bottom under the water, and press tight to fix the position.
    • When turbine is working, do not Contact the rotating fan to avoid accidents.
    • Please install the turbine under the water line for better work effect.
    • Do not use the power strip and place too long wire in the water for avoiding it being pulled in the bucket when winding from accident.
    • After the washing is finished, do not Contact the water or clothes unless power cutted off.
    • Solve the problem of washing clothes in life! Portable operation, anytime, anywhere use, small devices play a great role!
    • Energy saving and environmental protection: a small amount of clothes use washing machines, which is too wasteful. Using our turbine for cleaning can save a lot of electricity and water bills.
    • 24W high power, portable washing machine with remote control.
    • Laundry storage compartment: you can put 1 laundry gel bead or 10g laundry powder, which is very convenient for travel
    • The purple light function can effectively remove stains. The baby’s resistance is low. Clothes need to be cleaned separately. The purple light of uva365-370 band is selected,
    • It can wash light clothes within 2kg, mainly underwear and underwear,
    • 4 gear remote control: left and right cycle cleaning for 20 minutes; Circulating cleaning for 40 minutes; Ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes; Automatic cleaning: left and right circulation for 40 minutes + ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes.
  • Electric Cloth Hanger


    Product Description

    The first portable clothes dryer;
    Hot air drying for close-fitting and thin clothing;
    Free choice of drying time to avoid damaging clothes;
    Switch between hot and cold wind at will;
    Detachable design, the best companion for travel and business;
    With anti-overheating temperature control protection system.

    Technical Parameters

    Portable Clothes Dryer / Shoe Dryer
    material quality: ABS
    Frequency: 50HZ
    Power: 150W
    Net Weight:
    Gross Weight:
    Standard:GB4706.1-2005   GB4706.23-2007

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