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Focus Lamp Solar

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1. Lamp 15-W solar
2. Solar panel with 16′ (5 m) cod
3. Expansion screw
4. 60 LEDs
5. Battery housing
6. Motion detector head
7. U-shaped mounting plate


1) Secure bracket to solar panel with screw provided.
2) Set bracket on surface and secure in place with larger screws provided.
3) Adjust angle of solar panel to ensure it receives optimum sunlight.

NOTE. The solar panel is equipped with a 16′ (5 m) cord so the units can be installed up to 16 (5 m) apart.


1) Use the U-shaped mounting plate located to the rear of the light to mark where you want to install the light.
2) Make sure this is clear of obstacles such as cables and electric lines.
3) Secure light to the wall with screws provided.
4 Carefully route the power cord from the solar panel to the light, and plug it into the battery housing input.
5) Adjust the motion sensor so that it faces the area where motion is most likely to be detected. You can move it up and
down by adjusting the screw on the neck of the motion detector.

NOTE: Light unit should be mounted 6 1/2 to 10′ (2 to 3 m) from the ground to ensure motion detection is optimized.


1) Located on the front of the light there is a switch with 3 positions.
a. “AUTO”-when the switch is in the “AUTO” position the security light will turn on automatically at night when motion is
b. “ON”-when the switch is in the “ON” position the light will remain on and can be used as a regular light.
c. “OFF” when the switch is in the “OFF” position the light will remain of and will not detect any movement.
The security light has 3 diferent control dials which allow you to adjust the settings.
Sensitivity to light (Lux).
The light duration once motion has been detected (Time).
Sensitivity to motion (Sens).


1 Batteries are located in the battery housing located at the front of the lamp.
2) Remove screws from front of the battery housing to access batteries.
3) Replace batteries with rechargeable batteries of the same type and rating.
4) Reassemble battery housing.


Ensuring the lamp is kept clean will optimize performance.
Clean solar panel with a damp towel. Do not apply excessive pressure.
Do not use any solvents or cleaning agents on the solar panel.


Do not install close to fames or fammable gases.
Keep away from children.
Do not install on a unstable surfaces/position.
Do not stare directly at the lights while they are on.
To prevent the unit from falling, install the base unit tightly with expansion screw.
Do not install in close proximity to other light sources.

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