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Cell Phone Signal SP-12 Chip

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0.250 د.ك / PCS

Product description

  • The Cell Antenna is a Passive Device Designed to Capture Stray Radiation in the Body of the Phone and to Re Radiate
  • The Signal to Improve the Phone’s Performance. Threaten Will Work Most Efficiently When Installed Properly.
  • When Using the Phone Try to Avoid Placing Your Fingers on the Back of the Antenna or on the Part of the Phone Where the Antenna Will Be Placed.

Installation Instructions

  • Wipe the phone compartment with a clean. Dry cloth to remove Any oils from fingerprints or dirt.
  • Remove the yellow from the minimal antenna, being very careful not to Farm your fingers on this area and possibly decrease the Antenna’s effectiveness. Additionally, be sure not to touch any of the Item al components or circuit boards.
  • Press the minimal antenna onto the body of the phone in the same Direction as the exiting antenna (if possible).

The Best way to test the new boasters is as follows

  • Go to a known low reception area.
  • Check and make a note of the reception level.
  • Tum on your phone.
  • Check Reception.
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