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W.C./Bidet Set C4 WB2

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  • The expansion screw is composed of a screw and an expansion tube. The tail of the screw is cone-shaped, and the inner diameter of the cone is larger than the inner diameter of the expansion tube. When the nut is tightened, the screw moves outwards, and the conical part moves through the axial movement of the thread. A large positive pressure is formed on the outer peripheral surface of the expansion tube. In addition, the angle of the cone is small, so that the wall and the expansion tube Frictional self-locking is formed between the cone and the cone to achieve a fixed effect.
  • The spring washer on the expansion screw is a standard part. Because its opening is staggered and elastic, it is called a spring washer. The function of the spring washer is to pierce the nut and flat washer with the sharp corners of the wrong mouth to prevent the nut from loosening.
  • The flat washer is also a standard part, and its function is to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut on the connected parts.

Expansion screws are flat after use due to small holes and large tension. They can be removed at will if they are not used. The advantages of keeping the wall flat are obvious, and they  are  widely used in various decoration occasions.

  • 1. Fasten air conditioners, water heaters, range hoods, etc.
  • 2. Fix frameless balcony windows, anti-theft doors and windows, kitchen, bathroom components, etc.
  • 3. Ceiling screw fixation (used in combination with casing and cone cap)
  • 4. Other occasions that need to be fixed
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