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Portable Washing Machine Mini High Power

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6.500 د.ك


  • For safety reasons, this product should use by adults, and put it in a place where children can not contact.
  • When installing the turbine, place it on the barrel wall or bottom under the water, and press tight to fix the position.
  • When turbine is working, do not Contact the rotating fan to avoid accidents.
  • Please install the turbine under the water line for better work effect.
  • Do not use the power strip and place too long wire in the water for avoiding it being pulled in the bucket when winding from accident.
  • After the washing is finished, do not Contact the water or clothes unless power cutted off.
  • Solve the problem of washing clothes in life! Portable operation, anytime, anywhere use, small devices play a great role!
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: a small amount of clothes use washing machines, which is too wasteful. Using our turbine for cleaning can save a lot of electricity and water bills.
  • 24W high power, portable washing machine with remote control.
  • Laundry storage compartment: you can put 1 laundry gel bead or 10g laundry powder, which is very convenient for travel
  • The purple light function can effectively remove stains. The baby’s resistance is low. Clothes need to be cleaned separately. The purple light of uva365-370 band is selected,
  • It can wash light clothes within 2kg, mainly underwear and underwear,
  • 4 gear remote control: left and right cycle cleaning for 20 minutes; Circulating cleaning for 40 minutes; Ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes; Automatic cleaning: left and right circulation for 40 minutes + ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes.
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