Electric Hydraulic Jack 6-Ton [ ORANGE ] مفتاح ربط وجاك الكترولي

31.000 د.ك

2-in-1 Electric Jack


  • The machine is with the fashion and beautiful design, and adopts the
    advanced electric machinery technology, It is low noise, quick speeding,
    stable lifting performance and so on.
  • Considering the safety, the machine designs self-locking power
    structure and overloading protection device specially. That is to say.
    when the power has been disconnected, the lifted jack will not fall
    only re-connecting the power, the jack will go on working, or using the
    safety knob to fall the car, which will protect the operator’s personal
    safety effectively.
  • In order to strengthen the practicability, the machine is added the
    function of Tire Inflator Pump. So the machine combines two functions:
    Car Jack and Tire Inflator Pump.
  • The machine is widely used for Family Car, Go-anywhere Vehicle,
    MultiPurpose Vehicle.


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