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Electric Drill Refitting Plate Shears

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3.000 د.ك / PCS

Product overview

This product is installed on the electric drill and uses the power of the electric drill to drive the round gear round cutter to cut the metal sheet. The outer edge of the round tooth cutter head and the inner edge of the sub round cutter head fit each other to form a knife cut, so as to realize the cutting of the iron sheet. The sheared iron sheet is sent out along the rotation of the sub round cutter head. The cutting effect is flat and burr free. It can be used with different electric drills, with strong practicability, simple operation and safe use.

Product features

  • Scope of application: 12v-21v lithium electric drill
  • Maximum shear capacity: Iron plate 0.8-1 mm
  • White iron sheet 1-1.2mm
  • Steel plate 0.8-1 mm
  • Copper plate 1.5mm
  • Aluminum plate 1.5mm
  • The shearing capacity of 12V electric drill is slightly poor
  • 21V electric drill has stronger shear capacity.

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