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Air Compressor 2 Cylinder Black مضخة الهواء

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4.750 د.ك / PCS

  • Double barrel design for higher and more consistent output.
  • Small and portable, it can be stored anywhere with minimal impact and footprint.
  • Multiple power options, 12V car outlet or battery clips for direct connection to car battery.
  • Pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure and coiled tubes for a compact design.
  • The most powerful portable Air Compressor in it’s class,with a huge 50 Ipm @ 30 psi
  • Will easily pump a 10.15 off-road tyre from 15 psi to 32 psi in 1 minutes and then comfortably continue to do so for five of your mate’s vehicles as well,before there is a chance of the thermal shut down switch kicking in.
  • Unit can be permanently mounted and hard wired if desired.


  • Max Air Flow: 85 litres/min
  • Max Amperage : 30 A
  • Max Pressure output: 150 PSI
  • Working voltage : DC12V~13.8V
  • Ambient Temp : 50° C~60° C
  • Max duty cycle time: 40 mins @ 40 psi 24°C


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