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    1. GENERAL

    KR802 Intelligent Parking Lock is designed and developed by our company independently. It integrates features of photoelectric sensor location, interior anti-collision structure and round shape by nice appearance, novel structure, easy control, strong function and high security and reliability etc. The parking lock can effectively avoid the misusing or occupation of the parking lot and is a good assistant for parking lot managements of top-grade residential areas, shopping centers, hotels offices and airports etc.


    Note: this operation instruction is applicable for all O-Shape KR-802 Intelligent Parking Lock series. KR-802 Parking Lock models have different features as described in below instruction content.

    • Lithium battery capacity is greater than Storage (Lead-acid) Battery but with less weight.
    • Dry Battery Model is not equipped with charger.
    • Specialized Extra Large Model size and packing is different from other models’.


    NAME O-Shape Parking Lock
    RUNNING TIME OF RISE & FALL (normal state of charge) 5S
    DIMENSION AFTER RISING 460*330*400mm (W*D*H)
    REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE >15M (normally 50M)


    500*500*100mm (W*D*H)
    Rough WEIGHT 8kg
    Net WEIGHT 7.5KG




    1. Rocker Assembly
    2. Alarm
    3. Battery Area
    4. Spring Assembly
    5. Electrical Motor Assembly
    6. Anti-collision Device
    7. Drive Shaft
    8. Photoelectric Sensor
    9. Box Body Assembly
    10. Control Board
    11. Gearbox





    1. Rocker Assembly
    2. Alarm
    3. Control Board
    4. Electrical Motor Assembly
    5. Gearbox
    6. Anti-collision Device
    7. Drive Shaft
    8. Photoelectric Sensor
    9. Box Body Assembly
    10. Battery Area



    1. Function and Feature
    2. Pressure Resistance:

    The parking lock shall endure a pressure of 800kg (vehicle weighted 3 tons) without damage under declining condition.

    1. Self-locking:

    The parking lock won’t be distorted permanently by external force except by the owner.

    1. Manual Operation:

    Handily operate the rocker up and down to take out the battery for recharging or replacing.

    1. Sealing:

    Grade IP 67 means product can fully prevent the dust and can be rinsed with water without causing any damage in a short time.

    1. Power-off on resistance:

    During lifting/declining status,the motor power will be automatically switched off on external forces in the process of lifting/declining of parking lock in order to protect the electrical motor from being damaged.

    1. Power shortage indication:

    When the power storage is not enough to start the parking lock and user presses the Up or Down button, the buzzer will alarm shortly to remind the user to recharge the battery in time.

    1. Reset after the alarm on external force:

    If the parking lock is forced to decline in lifting status, the front/back angle of the rocker will change under the external force, and the parking lock will alarm to remind the external force applier to stop external force or remind the managerial staff to deal with the situation. The rocker will automatically reset after 3-5 seconds.

    Remark: Do not keep the alarm for long under alarming mode, otherwise the battery would be consumed or the alarming horn would be damaged easily.

    1. Reset after the removal of external force:

    When the external force is removed, the internal mechanisms will reset the rocker to original position. So please mind the safety.

    1. Anti-Theft:

    The installation foundation of parking lock is inside the large external cover. The cover can be opened with key by users only.

    1. Match the remote controller and parking lock

    Remove the battery plug and then connect the battery plug again, and the indicator light will be on. Please immediately (within 3 seconds) press the double keys on the remote controller for 2 seconds, then the indicator light will flicker, which means the remote controller has matched and can control the parking lock. In this way, you can use one remote controller to control several parking locks at the same time.


    2. Installation Principle
    3. Installation Position

    Do not install the parking lock where the automobile is going in and out of the parking lock. The parking lock is suggested to be installed in the middle of parking lot entrance.

    1. Installation Site

    The lock is required to be installed on flat and dry cement ground

    1. Installation Method
    2. Rotate the worm with manual crank to raise the rocker, open the lock with key. Open the upper cover to install the lock.
    3. Drill three holes (12mm of diameter and 50mm of depth) and install M8 expansion bolts according to the locations of three installation holes on the parking lock.
    4. Cover three foundation spacers on the expansion bolts, and then cover parking lock foundation, install and tighten the bolts to finish installation.
    5. When using the lock, open the upper cover and insert the battery plug to the parking lock socket. Then lay the battery flat.
    6. Install the upper cover. Pull cover back then lock the cover as below schematics.


    1. Operation Instruction
    2. Press the remote controller button to lift or decline the parking lock rocker. Power-off protection will be made if the rocker is blocked to prevent the electrical motor from being damaged.
    3. Manually pull in or pressing the rocker allows the lifting or declining of parking lock if the controller is out of service or the battery storage is in shortage.


    2. The battery shall be recharged before using the parking lock. The recharging time shall be controlled within 10 hours. The indicate light will turn green from red if the battery is fully charged
    3. The battery longtime stored or seriously short of power should be charged in time. Otherwise the Storage Battery will be damaged (Lithium Battery won’t).
    4. During the application, if the terminal voltage of the battery is lower than normal working voltage (the working speed of the parking lock is lower than usual), recharge the battery in case that the parking lock does not work normally.
    5. Do not try to dissemble the battery in case of any danger; do not clean the battery with chemical water; if the battery shell is broken and acid liquid touches the

    skin, rinse immediately with clean water.


    • Storage Battery Model: charge every 3 months.
    • Lithium Battery Model: charge on power shortage indication.
    • Clean the dust and trash on the surface of the body often.


    2. The power shortage indication lamp is out but the parking lock cannot work properly when pressing the button.
    3. Inspect whether the connection of wires and power supply is in order if there is no “Beep” sound from parking lock when pressing the controller. If wires and power is in order, rematch the controller and parking lock as mentioned in Instruction 4-10
    4. Inspect whether there’ s any abnormal noise in the electrical motor or whether there’ s any distortion of the lock shape if parking lock utters normal “Beep”.
    5. Inspect whether the remote controller is short of power (The indication lamp is out)
    6. Users can contact our special service station or our company in case of any unsolved Problems.



    Fuselage No.:

    Date of Manufacture:

    Loading Operator:

    S/N: Item QUANTITY
    l Parking Lock IPCS
    2 Charger

    (Not for Dry Battery Model)

    1 PCS
    3 Controller 2 PCS
    4 Steel Expansion Bolt 4 PCS
    5 Battery 1 PCS
    6 Operation Instruction 1 PCS
    7 Parking Lock Key 2 PCS


  • For 10 Person
    20 kit/ctn

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    Out of stock

  • Product Details :

    Flashing Type : 3 Way Flashing
    Uses : We can attach to barricades
    Batteries Not included in the packet
    Packaging : 12 Pcs / Carton
  • Product Details:

    Flashing Type : 3 Way Flashing
    Uses : With special base can fix to the traffic cone easily
    Can be used on road construction
    Can be used at dangerous and  warning place
    Packaging : 10 Pcs / Carton

    Out of stock


    Out of stock

  • Product Details:

    Flashing Type : 3 Way Flashing
    Uses : Easy to install over barricades and poles
    Use it at construction sites
    Use it in a parking lots
    Packaging : 12 Pcs / Carton



    High density PE extreme temp, Resistant high visibility orange, Light weight, Flexible

  • 100 % Polyester, LxW- 70 x 60 cm, 2″ Reflective Tape

    Packing: 100 Piece/Carton

  • 100 % Polyester, LxW- 70 x 60 cm, 2″ Reflective Tape

    Packing: 100 Piece/Carton

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    Out of stock

  • Out of stock

  • Reflective strip, Rubber base for stability


    50 CM: 10 Piece/Bundle

    75 CM: 10 Piece/Bundle

    1 MTR: 5 Piece/Bundle

  • Sale!
    Brand : HI-TECH
    Voltage : 4R25/6Volt
    Packaging : 24 Pcs / Cartoon
  • Gross weight: 1.15 Kg/Roll

    PVC barrier tape without glue, To caution vicinity

    Width : 3″

    Packing: 18 Roll/Carton

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