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    Product name : Leafless fan

    Product Model : N5

    Product Power : 400W

    Product Size : Length: 315MM Wide: 101MM High: 260 MM

    Power Line Length : 140CM

    Main Material : ABS

    Power input : AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz


     Description of Function


    1 . Fine Design

    2 . 3 Seconds of heating

    3 . Efficient Energy Conservation

    4 . High temperature resistant materials

    5 . Safety and Protection


    • Portable Mini Heater:With the small size, this space heater makes it easy to store and transport. You can put this little electric heater anywhere you want.
    • Our Space Heater is equipped with a tip-over switch and overheating protection that will automatically shut off the heater and stop working if an overheat temperatures is reached.
    • Ceramic space heaters are fast to heat, produce abundant heat without coils, provide you with a warm wind quickly, bringing you all-round warmth.Equipped with a ceramic PTC heating plate, the Space Heater features high heat transfer efficiency, automatic constant temperature and energy saving.
    • At Heating setting, the fan will stay uniform motion to keep somehow quiet. At High, the heat will increase greatly ,the fan won’t get stronger significantly to avoid the heat to be dispersed quickly and to reduce the noise.
    • size:11*10.5*26cm.
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