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  • Features & Specifications

    • Overload Protection
    • 4 Ports
    • Cable Length: 50M
    • Brand: HI-TEX
    • Made in China

    What’s in The Box

    • HI-TEX Extension Cord Reel
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  • user’s manual

    1. Connect the plug of this product to the power source when using it, and then press the main power switch and the indicator light is on to use it normally (the jack is normally energized).
    2. Press the USB switch, the USB jack light is on (the USB jack is normally energized).
    3. According to the lamp switch, it is divided into three levels of light adjustment (white light, warm light, warm white light), press the first time for white light, press the second time for warm light, press the third time for warm white light, and press the fourth time for off light ,So on and so forth.
    4. Long press the lamp switch to enable ten levels to adjust the lighting schedule.
    5. When using the remote control, please connect the plug of the product to the power source first, and then press the main power switch and the indicator light is on before you can use the remote control to control the product.


    • LED Light: 3W
    • USB Output: 1000mA
    • Cable Length: 1.8M
    • Color : White
    • Remote Control
    • Cable Size: 0.75mm 9SA Wire
    • Body Shell: ABS Plastic
    • Current & Voltage: 10A 2000W – 220-250V

    1. Safety power socket, can be used in the mainstream electrical plugs, elastic strong, less heat, high safety, insert and extract 10000 times in normal using will not be loose.
    2. Total control switch design. The switch with indicator light. One key can cut off the power, easy to operate. One click you can cut off the power directly while it is not using, easy and convenient.
      5000 times press testing Silver contact switch is more safety.
    3. PC and ABS top fireproofing, anaerobic flame retardant, conform to the 750 C hot wire not burning, 100°C heat not deformation.
    4. The us socket with purple lamp, USB intelligent charging, unique Super Charge TM Intelligent fast charging technology, each USB port can automatically identify the mobile phone, tablet, power bank etc USB devices, automatic compatible without adaptation, and automatically assigned 0. 1 to 4.4A,supply for the best current. All of the charging, one is enough.


    • Product Model : CX-T05-B
    • Rated Current : 10A
    • Voltage : 250v
    • Power : 2500w
    • USB output : 5v- 4.4A ( Auto max )
    • Output Port : 3 x Socket Combo 6 x USB
    • Product Size : 150x97x30mm
    • Power Cord : 2M