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  • Lemon Fragrance
    Shine & Scent
    Protects Drying 
    24-Pcs / Ctn
  • Spray polyurethane foam is better than any other type of insulation at reducing air leakage, With foamed-in-place insulation, it is relatively easy to fill wall and ceiling cavities completely. When installed properly, spray foam insulation may outperform a majority of standard fiberglass insulation. It provides both insulation and air barrier in the home


  • Product Description:

    Our Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner adopts international formula with deep foaming action. It lifts out dirt and grime  and restores a fresh,new look.

    For AUTO and BOAT-The foam deep cleans vinyl,fabric,upholstery,carpets and chrome.

    For HOME-It is excellent for cleaning appliances,formica,bathroom,furniture,asphalt,ceramic tile,painted walls,wall coverings,screens,fans,porcelain,panted wood or metal.Lifts tea and soft drink stains from vinyl,fabric,upholstery and carpet.


    1.Effectively removes dirt ;

    2.Foam cleaning without using water ;

    3.Natural essence ingredients ;

    4.Penetrating protection ;

    5.Applicable for anywhere interior of the car ;

    6.Eco-friendly ,no irritation ,fragrant .

    7. Net : 650ml

    8.Qty : 24 pcs / ctn


    1. Shake well before use. From a distance of 10-20 cm spa
      directly onto the surface being cleaned. Allow the foaming
      action to lift the dirt for at least 30 seconds.
    2. for carpets, spray a uniform layer of foam evenly oubts
      libric, allow the foam to lift dirt for at least 30 second le
      de vacuum cleaner to remove foam before it dries. Pots
      pus should be scrubbed with a brush and wiped with ade.
      doth. Allow to dry.


    1. Keep away from Children;

    2. Operate in ventilated place;

    3. Store the product in the place under 40 centigrade;

    4. Don’t put it in the car and keep away from heat and fire.

  • 650 ml

    No Wiping
    Protect & Shine

    24-Pcs / Ctn