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  • Packing:

    2.5mm: 1 kg/Box, 10 Box/Carton

    3.2mm: 1 kg/Box, 10 Box/Carton

  • Description:

    MT-12 is Low carbon steel type electrodes with titania coating.It has excellent welding technological performances.The slag is fluid and when hardened it is compact and easy to remove.


    For welding structures of steel sheets, vehicles, buildings, vessels, machinery-manufacture and structures of Iow carbon steel.

    Packing:In cartons of 20kgs net each, consisting of 8boxes x 2. 5kgs for size 2. 5mm and 4boxes×5kgs for other sizes.

    Titania coated, Low carbon steel, Excellent welding, AWS E 6013


    2.5 mm – 2.5 kg   x   8 box/ctn
    3.2 mm – 5 kg      x   4 box/ctn
    4.0 mm – 5 kg     x    4 box/ctn

  • Low carbon steel High performance

    Clean appearance

    20 Kg/Ctn

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